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In 1993, the Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hero Pen Co., Ltd. founded a joint venture, Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd., to start the business development in the China's market. Currently Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. primarily produces ballpoint pens, gel pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, permanent markers,white board markers, brush pens and other pen products.

Brand story

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In 1919, Syunchi Nakata, founder of Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. Japan, registered the trademark of “Platinum” and strived to produce the best writing instruments. Through nearly a century of efforts, Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. has become a Japan’s famous manufacturer of fountain pen, ball-point pen and mechanical pencil. With an annual production of 20 million pieces, the company covers a large market share in both Japanese and international markets. In 1974, the company co-established Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd., which is the largest pen manufacturer in Taiwan, occupying 30% market shares in Taiwan pen market.
As one of China’s first-class enterprises and largest pen manufacturers, Shanghai Hero Group Co., Ltd. exports its products to more than 50 countries and regions. In 1993, Shanghai Hero Group Co., Ltd., Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. and Japan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. joined hands and co-established Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd.
With a total investment of USD 3.48 million, Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. aims to manufacture “Platinum” products by using foreign advanced management technology and processing equipment. It realizes the dream of high-quality writing instruments with reasonable price, and makes everyone “Enjoy Writing”.
At present, the company mainly produces ball pens, gel ink pens, needle pens, mechanical pencils, white board markers, and permanent markers with Japanese product quality and domestic price.
We prove eternal Platinum with writing.
It has been our belief rather than a slogan since 1919.
We make efforts steadily, sincerely provide high-quality service to customers, and make all customers remember our tenet – “Enjoy Writing”.