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Elephant inlay is a traditional craft originated in kumamoto prefecture of Japan. It can be traced back to the 17th century. It is a decorative craft that inlays pure gold on the surface of articles.
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Product description

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Elephant inlay is a traditional craft originated in kumamoto prefecture of Japan. It can be traced back to the 17th century. It is a decorative craft that inlays pure gold on the surface of articles.


Ptb-30000z is made by "light aid", a time-honored shop founded in the seventh year of Meiji. Since ancient times, ptb-30000z is famous for the inlaid artwork of the emperor of Japan. The current elephant inlay division is the fourth generation - the large household yu si. The platinum ptb-30000z pen was chosen in 2016 as a gift from the G7 summit of Japan to its leaders.



Fat after image inlay - "light aid" production


There are two motifs in the pattern: sakura and gongsun tree. Both sakura and gongsun tree are used frequently by the traditional Japanese aristocrats. At present, there are only over 10 senior Japanese image-inlaid craftsmen, and each work is quite precious.


Pen tip ———————————— Large size 14K (14-20)
Pen point ——————————— thin, medium, thick
Product specification —————— ABS resin body, longitudinal hair line finish, pure gold inlay
Dimensions —————————— Total length 145 x Maximum diameter 14.8 mm Standard weight 19.2 g
Package ———————————  Jaco - paulownia box (4000114) wrapping paper - chrysanthemum 4K
Set —————————————— MWB - 20000Z Letter - Large
Name placement / method ———   cover / hand carved,
                                                           Body / Cap / Silk Printing / Pad Printing
Name insert space ——————— Body / cap / 10 × 35 mm

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