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Product description


With an 18K spear tip, the 18K tip has better flexibility and a more delicate sense of writing than the 14K tip. Users who pay attention to writing feelings can also get pleasure from it.


Japanese traditional craft series - kanazawa foil


Kanazawa foil

Each piece of gold foil is made by the staff of the gold foil for a long time. To make a piece of gold leaf requires at least 15 procedures to be completed, and the manual production has been maintained since ancient times. The men would wrap the sheets of metal one by one in paper, covered with brown paper. The beating would be repeated five times, and the beating would take more than four months, until the thickness of the beating was one thousandth of a millimeter. The next step is with a tenacity stronger foil paper will play separated by sheets of paper, clarification of the 1800 pieces of gold foil with kraft wood of repeated hammer hit and cooling two steps for weeks until after prolonged to one over ten thousand of a millimeter, gold foil thickness with goose feather up carefully, and then cut into square is what we see kanazawa foil products. The gold foil produced in Japan today is designated as a national traditional handicraft.


The theme painting has goldfish, red leaves, cherry snow, red Fuji, moon and rabbit five. The gold foil is so thin that light can pass through it. By stacking it, you can create a profound air feeling in the picture. Ptl-15000h USES chopped gold foil, one by one by the skilled staff with the goose feather brush hand attached to the pen pole, because the gold sheet is very thin, a breath will let the gold foil creasing, to the craftsman's technical requirements are very high.

The pen tip ———————————— 18K (18-19)
Pen point ————————————— fine、medium
Product Specifications ——————— Kanazawa Foil # 24 "Goldfish", # 46 "Autumn Leaves" in AS Resin Body,
                                                               # 52 "Sakuraguki", # 58 "Red Fuji", # 87 "Moon and rabbit"
Dimensions ———————————— Total length 139 x Maximum diameter 13 mm Standard weight 16.7 g
Package —————————————  C1T (4000047) wrapping paper - 8K
Name placement / method ————— cover / hand carved paper - large


Kanazawa foil is a local traditional craft in ishikawa prefecture, Japan, whose development history can be traced back to the edo era. Kanazawa county is located in the northern land area. The climate and water quality are very suitable for making gold foil. It has been called the hometown of craftsman since ancient times.

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