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In 1993, the Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hero Pen Co., Ltd. founded a joint venture, Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd., to start the business development in the China's market. Currently Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. primarily produces ballpoint pens, gel pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, permanent markers,white board markers, brush pens and other pen products.

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When we look back on the history of mankind, all great ages share one characteristic. In 2010, as the hometown of the first generation President of platinum, Mr. Nakata junyi - shimen - yayun city,
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Japanese lacquer



The intersection of dreams and reality - clouds

When we look back on the history of mankind, all great ages share one characteristic. In 2010, as the hometown of the first generation President of platinum, Mr. Nakata junyi - shimen - yayun city, launched the flagship fund of "yayun".


Izumo's penholder is made of traditional Japanese lacquer art, with the techniques of chi-liu, chi-liu and pi-pa liu. Japan is a country with the most developed painting technology nowadays. The earliest lacquer in the world was an ancient one unearthed in Japan in 2001. It was confirmed to be the product of the jomon period by radiocarbon dating. In Japan, only raw paint made from the SAP of natural lacquer trees can be called lacquer, otherwise it is fraudulent. Raw lacquer is made from the SAP of the lacquer tree. As raw materials are extracted from the lacquer tree, production is limited by the season. The process of preparation requires much time and highly skilled manpower, which is a very costly process. The painting process of izumo starts from dressing the tire body, fixing the tire, filling the powder, painting cloth, fixing the soil, painting the primer, intermediate coat, finishing coat and pushing light. In total, there are more than 30 processes, each of which takes more than 20 hours, each of which is carefully ground with charcoal blocks until it is completely flat, and the most romantic process of raw lacquer products, which is called "pushing light by hand". All the brush strokes should be done by hand with the fingers of the artist.


The completed izumo will be placed in the woven cloth bag of xizhen, and each izumo is attached with the famous intangible cultural property of shimane county: yan paper -- izumo roll paper.


Pen tip —————————— Large 18K
Pen point ————————— thin, medium, thick
Product specification ———— Body, cap, crown: Painted in ebonite and finished with lacquer finish
                                                Cover: Painted lacquered on AS resin
                                                Clip: Phosphor bronze
                                                Cover ring: gold plated brass
Dimensions ———————— Total length 154.0 (total length 134 mm when writing) × Maximum diameter 18.0 mm
Standard weight —————— 34.5 g
Package —————————   Izumo paulownia box (4000061) Wrapping paper - Chrysanthemum 4K paper - Extra large

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