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In 1993, the Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hero Pen Co., Ltd. founded a joint venture, Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd., to start the business development in the China's market. Currently Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. primarily produces ballpoint pens, gel pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, permanent markers,white board markers, brush pens and other pen products.

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The most suitable pen for writing, platinum calls it "the ideal thousand year pen". The ideal wannian pen is the project initiated by platinum in 1978. Led by professional writer haruf ueda,
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Product description

Celluloid octagon



The peak of the process - octagonal celluloid

The most suitable pen for writing, platinum calls it "the ideal thousand year pen". The ideal wannian pen is the project initiated by platinum in 1978. Led by professional writer haruf ueda, 12 pens suitable for writing were selected from thousands of pens. Combined with its advantages, the pen was developed.


The piz-70000s is a pen made of Celluloid. Celluloid is a material synthesized from materials such as nitrocellulose and camphor. It has a texture like jade. The touch and visual effect of celluloid is close to that of amber. Because of the labor required to make the materials, waiting for the materials to be cooked takes months to years to ensure the stability of the characteristics.


The piz-70000s pen body parts are formed into octagon by curling and shaping after being heated by celluloid plate. It is more difficult to make than the traditional round one. Meanwhile, the metal part of the pen body is different from the ordinary one, and the shape is more elegant. Celluloid fountain pen has a long life of writing, and its surface will become brighter and brighter after absorbing grease. Unlike plastic products, it is not easy to produce the woolen surface, and the more wonderful light and shadow changes and the feeling of beautiful jade. Different from the mass-produced pen styles, celluloid fountain pens have a different touch and texture than mass produced pens.

Pen tip —————————— Large size 14K (14-20)
Pen point ————————— thin, medium, thick
Product Specification ———— Celluloid Body Octagonal Aperture
Dimension ————————— Total length 136.5 x Maximum diameter 15.4 mm
Standard weight —————— 29.3 g
Package ————————— C Zero (4000129) Wrapping paper - 8K paper - large

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