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In 1993, the Platinum Fountain Pen Co., Ltd., Taiwan Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hero Pen Co., Ltd. founded a joint venture, Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd., to start the business development in the China's market. Currently Shanghai Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. primarily produces ballpoint pens, gel pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, permanent markers,white board markers, brush pens and other pen products.

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Since 2012, platinum has released a limited-edition pen every year, paying homage to the spiritual symbol of the brand -- Mount Fuji. Every well-crafted writing tool stems from reverence for nature an
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I wish I were the wind and could think like a mountain.

Since 2012, platinum has released a limited-edition pen every year, paying homage to the spiritual symbol of the brand -- Mount Fuji. Every well-crafted writing tool stems from reverence for nature and gratitude for life.


Fuji ten scene series, by Mount Fuji four seasons landscape as the creation inspiration, the fusion Chinese character esthetics birth completely new concept. We hope to bring a new perspective to writing tools and show the warm power of writing through Fuji scenes series, combining the beautiful secret situation and beautiful words.


# 3776 CENTURY Xunfeng (Breeze)


The second instalment in Fuji: "#3776 CENTURY Xunfeng".
The sunlight of early summer turned the landscape into a turquoise color. Tao feng, wrapped in a fragrant fragrance, is free to flow through the sky. This beautiful scene of blue and green is called Xunfeng.


①Assaying the fineness of sum:
The translucent penholder of turquoise color and flowing lines show the image of tao ying turning on branches and leaves and the blue sky.


②The performance of mt. Fuji
Limited edition of the crown of the sky, with precision processing parts to show the silhouette of Mount Fuji in early summer.


③The middle ring with special machining
Unlike the standard version #3776 Century, difeng USES a more three-dimensional relief technique to make the limited edition unique.


Each of the finely carved difeng, engraved with a unique limit number, only launched in the world of 2,500.


The turquoise color with difeng as the theme was the representative color showing the radiance of women in the early 30's, which is a beautiful color with enduring persistence. The line of the sculpture on the penholder of xun feng shines like jewelry, showing women's confidence and charm. It is a precious writing tool recommended to women users.

Fuji scenes series

ペン先 ———————— 大型18K
ペンポイント  ————— 細・中・太
製品仕様 ———————
寸法 —————————   全長154.0(筆記時全長134mm)× 最大径18.0mm
標準重量 ——————— 34.5g
パッケージ —————— 出雲桐箱(4000061) 包装紙-キク4K のし紙-特大

The #3776 Century special sliding cap mechanism can effectively keep the air tightness of the pen. The experimental results show that even if the ink is put for two years, the ink will only evaporate about 50%.

The #3776 Century has excellent performance that can be used without use all year, which is a great breakthrough in the design of modern pen mechanism.


【Silhouette of Mount Fuji】


A silhouette of Mount Fuji was specially designed at the canopy, showing the image of Mount Fuji bathed in the early summer sun.
"Difeng" only produces 2,500, each engraved with a unique number.
(0001/2500 -- 2500/2500)

【Pen body carving process】


For the first time in limited pen try the new processing technology, show the image of tao ying in the branches and leaves and blue sky.


【limited edition ring in ring】


The limited edition writing tool, different from the regular version #3776 Century, adopts the technique of three-dimensional relief to present the insight of advanced writing tools.

【Collection card】


Each of the difeng limit is attached with a small card to enhance the collection integrity.


#3776 Century Xunfeng
●Model ————————— PNB-25000SK #43
● Nibs ——————————  Large rhodium plated 14K (14-26) (UEF, F, SM)
●Barcode ————————  UEF (4977114-113802), F (4977114-113772) 、SM (4977114-113796)
●Dimensions ———————  Full length 139.5mm × Maximum diameter Φ15.4mm Weight 20.9g
●Accessories ———————  One card type ink bag, one vacuum indenter CONV-7001 collection of collection cards

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